21/Nov '19

Murcia, chosen Gastronomic Capital in 2020

Wines, crumbs, cheeses, rice, vegetables, meat and fish is the gastronomic offer that the city proposes

The Minister of Tourism, Cristina Sánchez, announced today that Murcia has been chosen as the Gastronomy Capital for 2020 among all the Spanish cities that opted for this recognition.

Sánchez explained that a few minutes ago his department received a favorable response to the report he sent two days ago to make his participation in this national competition official. “We are very happy for all that this will mean for the city of Murcia and for the Region.”

In the candidacy, the council highlighted all the “goodness” of the Region. “We had the hope that this year it would happen because it was something highly anticipated by the sector, not only economically, but also socially and everything that will entail for people who do not know us throughout Spain.”

Wines, migas, cheeses, rice dishes, vegetables, meat and fish is the gastronomic offer offered by Murcia, where products from the garden and those from the sea coexist, making it clear that variety is one of the hallmarks of this region.

80% of the tourists who visit the Region of Murcia highlight gastronomy as one of the main reasons for choosing it as the destination of their trip and value Murcia’s gastronomic offer as very good.