Michelin star in Murcia: González-Conejero maintains its two Michelin stars

The chef of La Cabaña Buenavista manages to maintain his two Michelin Guide awards for the third consecutive year

La Cabaña Buenavista remains in the elite of gastronomic restaurants in Spain. The culinary sanctuary of Murcia, with chef Pablo González-Conejero at the controls, maintains its two Michelin stars for another year after the Michelin Guide released its iconic recognitions for 2019 to the best places.

The El Palmar restaurant achieved its second Michelin star in 2017 since it already had one that had been validated for seven consecutive years since it was received in 2009 for the first time.

The Michelin Guide once again acknowledges for the third consecutive year the gastronomic work carried out by chef Conejero in his local hamlet in Murcia. His two Miguelin stars received three years ago placed him at the top of Spanish gastronomy.

Pablo González – Conejero (Murcia, 1971), who has been wearing the chef's jacket since 1993, founded La Cabaña in 2004. Before that, he went to other kitchens, such as the Flanigan restaurant in Palma de Mallorca with Javier Morales, the Cuatro Madrid and Arzak stations in San Sebastián. La Cabaña, in addition to Michelin stars, has also received the Repsol Sun in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

His cuisine, in the words of González-Conejero himself, is defined as "a little product, flavor, very tasty and recreational-recreational because it is also about having a good time."

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