29/Oct '21

COPE Region of Murcia presents “Confidences of a chef”

The work of Juan Antonio Pellicer has been presented in San Esteban in an act presided over by President Fernando López Miras

The head of the regional Executive, Fernando López Miras, presided this Wednesday over the presentation of the book ‘Confidences of a chef from the Region of Murcia’, published by COPE Region of Murcia in recognition of the professional career of the Murcian chef Juan Antonio Pellicer , where he reaffirmed the regional government’s commitment to gastronomic tourism, “because it is one of our great economic assets and we must continue to promote it together: public administrations, producers, chefs, and also the media”. Pilar Oliva, director of COPE in the Region of Murcia, has thanked the regional president and the companies that have participated in the project for their collaboration so that the book has been published.

In this sense, he referred to the importance of this sector for the Region and recalled that “the Spanish capital of gastronomy in 2021 is offering us multiple opportunities to tell who we are, to invite others to come and savor our products It’s time for us to show off what’s ours too.”

During his speech, López Miras has valued the “great vocation” of Juan Antonio Pellicer, as well as “the way in which he captures the essence of the Region of Murcia in his cuisine, which has led him to conquer the palates of half the world “. In addition, he has highlighted that Pellicer “is an inspiration for his students, whom he does not lose sight of once they finish their studies,” according to sources from the Community in a press release.

Likewise, the president highlighted the “brilliant initiative of Cope Región de Murcia to carry out this book”, since “what is told in it remains for posterity and any day will be a good one to reopen its pages and savor what that appears in them”.

COPE, 10/27/2021